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SIVENT is a Greek company founded in 2020 in Athens, by Theodore and Maria Sioutas, children of Charalambos Sioutas, with many years of experience in the field of ventilation.

By constantly monitoring global developments in the industry, we are emphasizing in innovative ventilation products and energy saving, so that we are ready to respond immediately to every need.

In an exclusive collaboration with leading companies abroad, Vent-Axia, Plastifer, etc., we have a wide range of modern ventilation products that are constantly renewed and can meet even the most demanding applications.

Our company offers: heat exchangers, in-line fans, roof fans, wall fans, window fans, plastic fans, air ducts, air grilles as well as many other components and fans, necessary in every ventilation application.

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Design and provide solutions to ventilation issues, according to the needs and requirements of each project.
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Energy Saving
Following the developments in the ventilation industry, we provide innovative products and heat recovery, guided by the reduced operating costs of the installation.
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Our specialty is to provide the customer with innovative products and solutions that covers the entire range of ventilation in restaurants, industrial kitchens, etc.

Our technical department, guided by many years of knowledge and continuous training in modern technology, can meet the requirements of our customers and provides a solution to any ventilation problem.

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