Insulated Air Ducts

  • Made of galvanized steel wire embodied in two layers of metallic colored polyester with 3cm thick fiberglass perimeter heat insulation and an external housing of metallic colored polyester.


  • Made of spiral steel wire integrated in three polyester layers coated with a high-quality flame-retardant layer and 25mm thick red colored fiberglass perimeter heat insulation and external housing of metallic colored polyester double layer.
  • Maximum operating pressure 3.000Pa.
  • Maximum air velocity 30m/s.
  • Sizes from 102mm to 508mm.
  • Resistance in case of fire, without releasing toxic gases.
  • Temperature from -30οC to +100°C.
  • Easy installation in circular or oval connections.
  • Suitable for air-conditioning and ventilation systems.
  • Available in 10 meters packages.