Stainless Steel Insulated Chimneys

  • Double walled sandwich type chimneys with stainless steel outer and inner layers and rock wool insulation in between.


  • External material thickness 0.40 mm & 0.50 mm.
  • Suitable for exhaust and hot gas extraction from natural gas or oil, boilers, fireplaces, heating, ventilation and operation in corrosive oxidizing environments.
  • Burning performance is improved with double walled chimneys, because the draw in the chimney is increased and exhaust gas condensation is minimized.
  • The connections of the chimneys and their accessories are perfectly sealed with special type clips.
  • Cleaning cabinets & single and double-walled stainless-steel cabinets AISI 304 BA with material thickness of 0.40 mm & 0.50 mm are manufactured on request.