Vent Axia Bathroom Fans VES series

The VES series are suitable for bathrooms and small rooms. Made of ABS thermoplastics for strength, durability, aesthetics, and easy cleaning.


Available in 3 sizes: 100mm, 120mm & 150mm
Airflow: 85m3/h for the 100mm, 130m3/h for the 120mm & 230m3/h for the 150mm
Single phase motor 220-240V – AC. 50Hz, consuming 14W on the 100mm series, 15.5W on the 120mm series and 14W on the 150mm series
Sound volume: 41.0 dB(A)
Maximum pressure 20Pa for the 100mm models, 35Pa for the 120mm models and 50Pa for the 150mm models
Maximum operating temperature: 40ºC
Model options with pullcord, timer and humidistat

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