High Temperature Fans

Suitable for transferring the warm air from the fireplace to the rooms through a network of insulated air ducts.



Available in 3 sizes, supply 250m3/h, 400m3/h and 600m3/h and power 70W, 100W and 110W
Low consumption and sound level
Air temperature up to 150°C
The impeller is inside an insulated box to prevent heat loss
The motor is located in the ventilated box
Single-phase 220V supply
Connection necks 125mm & Φ160mm
It has a built-in thermostat for automatic activation, and it is recommended not to be connected with speed controller
Install horizontally and in a well-ventilated area. Never inside the chimney.
Recommended installation locations: tiled roof, loft, and the balcony behind the fireplace