Vent Axia Heat Recovery Units HR500 & HR500X

Heat recovery ventilation unit for through the wall installation which exhausts stale air whilst introducing warmed fresh air from the outside.


  • Efficient up to 70% heat recovery ventilation unit and high performance 900m3/h extract fan
  • This unit is fully speed controllable with the facility to reverse the supply air fan and provide ‘double extraction’ for periods when heat loss is desirable.
  • The unit is wall-mounted, the perfect solution to commercial areas that require a high-performance balanced intake/extract scheme. Ideal for swimming pools, computer rooms, classrooms, offices and the health and leisure industries.
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to install and clean
  • Integral shutters on X type model
  • IPX5 rated, supply voltage 220-240V/1/50Hz and maximum ambient temperature +40˚C.

Product Presentation