In-line Ducted Fans S-KRAD series

Available in 7 sizes: 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 160mm, 200mm, 250mm & 315mm
Airflow from 290 m3/h to 1,750 m3/h




• Casing made of galvanized sheet steel protected with electrostatic powder paint.
• Impeller with backward blades, made of galvanized sheet steel.
• The fans can be placed between air ducts for air intake or supply, vertically or horizontally.
• Low noise level.
• Single phase 240V / 50Hz electric motor, insulation class F, IP44.
• External rotor motor.
• Operating temperature from -20 ° C to +50 ° C.
• Speed controllable with S-20 and S-50 switch.
• Suitable for many applications, such as ventilation of halls, shops, restaurants, industrial, etc.