Vent-Axia PureAir Room

Is an advanced multistage air cleaning system which removes these harmful particles and neutralizes bad smells, purifying the air you and your family breathe for a fresher and healthier indoor environment.



Available in 2 models: PureAir Room Air Purifier & PureAir Room X Air Purifier with App Contro

Advanced 6 stage filtration system:

  1. The pre-filter is a washable coarse particle filter which collects the larger particles from the air flowing through it. This process additionally protects the HEPA filter from these particles and thus increases the service life of the following filters.
  2. The ‘High-Efficiency Particulate Air’ HEPA filter removes 99.9% of particles in the air including diesel, pet allergens, pollen, viruses, mold and bacteria by trapping them inside the filter material.
  3. The activated carbon filter has a huge surface area which removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors and other gaseous pollutants from the air by trapping the gas molecules in the charcoal.
  4. The cold catalyst filter speeds up the decomposition of organic compounds in the air, breaking them into molecules such as H2O and CO2, which are harmless to the human body.
  5. Ultraviolet light technology is used as a disinfection method using short wavelength ultraviolet light to inactivate bacteria and viruses sanitizing the air around you.
  6. The ionizer is the last stage of the filtration process, generating negatively charged ions which adhere to small particulate materials statically charging them. This attracts other particles creating larger clusters, that can then be absorbed by the filter at the start of the cycle.


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