Window Fans COMGA series

Commercial Window Fans are available in three sizes,150mm (6″), 230mm (9″) and 300mm (12″).


  • These elegant and stylish units will blend into the background and cover a wide variety of commercial applications such as pubs, restaurants, hotels, offices, shops and factories.
  • They are also suitable for use in public sector areas such as service stations, hospitals, schools and railway stations and are designed for heavy usage.
  • Tested to comply with the Building Regulations on Ventilation (F1).
  • 220-240V – AC. 50Hz Single phase consuming 20W on 150mm Series, 41W on the 230mm Series and 68W on the 300mm Series.
  • Maximum pressure 50Pa for the 150mm and 230mm series and 60Pa for the 300mm series.
  • Maximum operating temperature + 40°C.

Product Presentation