Damper Rectangular

  • Multiple leaf air volume control damper for installation in square or rectangular air ducts.


  • The frame is made by galvanized sheet steel. With simultaneously, opposite rotated, aerodynamically shaped blades made by anodized aluminum.
  • Every blade is rotated by two plastic gears.
  • The plastic gears are inside the frame to avoid pollution.
  • The blades in the length they have seals in rubber for better air-tightness.
  • The blades angle is manually regulated.
  • Air leakage when closed: CLASS 2 according to the standard ΕΝ 1751:1998.
  • The connection of two dampers DA (in same or opposite rotation) is possible by using connection elements.
  • The blades are parallel to the first mentioned dimension.
  • Adjustable with electric actuator on/off 220V.
  • Adjustable with electric actuator analogue 24V.