Heavy Duty Axial Fans

Heavy-duty, large-flow axial fans suitable for transporting large volumes of air.



Available in 3 sizes: 636mm (24”), 910mm (36”) & 1270mm (50”), delivery from 12,000m3/h to 43,170m3/h
Frame made of Galvanized steel.
Aluminum impeller for the 24” and stainless steel for the 36” & 50”
Shutter gravity mechanism with counterweights for the 24” and centrifugal mechanism for the 36” & 50”
High quality motors 380V, 0.5HP, 0.54HP & 1.5HP
Fan dimensions: 760x760x450mm for the 24”, 1000x1000x450mm for the 36” & 1380x1380x450mm for the 50”
Weight: 41kg, 54kg & 89kg
Sound level: <64dB